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Callithon is an ANNUAL two-day creative design expo by Spacewell,

bringing together Calligraphers and Art-lovers from across the realm.

Callithon provides a space where you’ll be challenged to push yourself in the creative process while drawing inspiration from those successful in the field of Calligraphy.

During this expo, you’ll be empowered with resources to help you display your Art Work and auction them as well.

The best Artwork would be chosen by our esteemed Panel of Judges and the Calligrapher would be awarded.

At the end of the experience, you’ll leave with a fresh spark of passion filled to the brim with revolutionary ideas and a network of Calligraphers to get inspired and pursue excellence in the WORLD OF CALLIGRAPHY.



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Awaken your imagination and gain awareness about the fading Art of Calligraphy.

Callithon is also a platform to provide visibility to the Calligraphers associated with us.

Introducing to you a Marketplace that gives Art lovers a chance to directly purchase authentic Artwork from the artists.

About Us

Spacewell brings you Callithon

CALLITHON is Brought to you by Spacewell Foundation as support system for Calligraphers. The idea behind hosting this event each year is to provide a platform for Calligraphers and Art Lovers to get connected and introduce them to a Panel of Judges with a wealthy amount of experience in this Majestic World of Calligraphy. It's a continuous effort of the team to spread knowledge about this fading Supreme Art.

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We are pleased to introduce our Panel of Experienced Judges. The Judges will work together to review all Contest Submissions and they will choose the winning Artwork according to the Rules of Calligraphy.

Mr. Saman Kake

Master Mohammed Tarifi Khashti

Abdul Kayyum Silawat

Prof Fuad Kouichi Honda

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