Name: K C Janardhan

Prof K C Janardhan, founder of the J’s Quill group

and the owner of a unique museum of handwriting, lettering, calligraphy, fountain pens and other writing instruments. He is a professor of penmanship and a calligraphy maestro, who is the only person to have been privileged to write his own passport!

"The world’s one and the only true Handwriting All Rounder ever!"

He is An Anthropologist, Artist, Author, Autodidact, Aviator, Calligraphy Maestro, Connoisseur of Handwriting, Corporate trainer, Cross-Cultural Understanding Enter-Trainer, Educational Reformer, Entrepreneur, Geographer, Graphologist, Life Coach, Mentor, Mimicry Artist, Miniature Model Maker, Marksman, Orator, Professor of Management, Professor of Penmanship, Questioned Document Examiner, Raconteur, Sculptor, Sociologist & Social Reformer.

His list of his achievements and accomplishments goes on and on…to know more about the Maestro you can visit